Innovation Awards recognise new technology

Outerspace joined Kheang Khauv, managing director of 1MILLIKELVIN and defence industry partners on stage at the Avalon Airshow to receive two Innovation Awards.


1MILLIKELVIN won both National and the SME Innovation Awards, in recognition of their revolutionary stress imaging technology, developed in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG). 

outerspace design with 1mK and defence partners with awards
1MILLIKELVIN, outerspace and DSTG collaborators at the Innovation Awards event

“It’s been an honour to collaborate with Kheang and his team, to create this ground-breaking, award-winning series of cameras that apply their stress imaging technology,” says Scott Foster, electronic engineering manager at outerspace.

Our multidisciplinary product development team of designers, electronic and embedded software engineers, applied specialised creative and technical expertise to support and inform final outcomes for Kheang and his team,” Foster adds.

“We are thrilled to be recognised for our hard work. This is a big win for us, and it re-affirms our commitment to a really good idea,” says Kheang Khauv, managing director of 1MILLIKELVIN. 

“We could not have achieved this without collaboration and support from the Defence Science and Technology Group, Outerspace Design, RMIT, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, and the Defence Science Institute,” Khauv explains.

1MILLIKELVIN, in partnership with the DSTG, developed a next-generation stress imaging camera system that can image ‘real’ stress in real-time. The system has been refined in real-world aerospace testing programs.

The cameras work on the principle that a solid will heat up when compressed and cool down when stretched. To see stress requires a camera that can resolve temperature changes down to one thousandth of a degree Celsius or one millikelvin.

With 1MILLIKELVIN’s custom hardware and unique image processing technique, this capability is realised.

The Avalon 2023 Innovation Awards recognise and reward innovation by Australian individuals and organisations at the forefront of defence innovation in products, services and business processes in the space, aerospace and aviation domain.


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