CleverPet Starts Production

After much anticipation, and another trip to Shenzhen, the CleverPet dog game console has finished production tooling, and we’ve received the first off-tool samples. These ‘T0’ parts are injection moulded plastic components that are being tested and assessed so that feedback and be provided to the toolmaker for refinements.

A working prototype has been assembled, including functional circuit boards and the results so far have been promising. The finish, dimensional accuracy and physical strength of the parts is excellent, and everything went together and worked well.

One of the great features of CleverPet is that it will advance over time, making the device better for dogs and their owners. The wifi-enabled console with challenging games designed to match the pace of your dog’s learning, so she stays engaged, provide years of entertainment.

We’re looking forward to showing off the device, along with the CleverPet founders at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. If you’re planning on attending, look us up and visit our booth for a demonstration.

For more information about the CleverPet Hub, visit the website at the CleverPet home page.

To connect with our product design and engineering team, tell us about your project or visit our contact page.

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