Comtruk and Outerspace design world’s most versatile pickup bed

Since 1934, the Aussie Ford ute has been an icon of Australian culture, and an expression of Australian ingenuity. Today, the ute is still used as a work vehicle, but doubles as a family car with comfortable interior and spacious cabin.

Comtruk and Outerspace Design have joined forces to ensure this heritage continues across all styles and brands of pickup with the Comtruk Sport Utility Bed or SUB.

The talented design and engineering team at Outerspace Design, with creative director Antony Stolfo, and Aluminium Industries managing director, Jim Gallagher, collaborated to create this revolutionary, versatile pickup bed.

“The patented Comtruk SUB design blurs the lines between a pickup ‘tub’ and a pickup ‘tray’.  The clever design of the SUB challenges the traditional ‘tub’ by maintaining vehicle styling. It provides loads of functionality, versatility, performance, and safety that a ‘tub’ simply doesn’t deliver,” Antony Stolfo said.


The SUB’s performance features leave other pickup beds or tubs in the dust. Its integrated strapping system makes loading, load securing, and unloading easier, regardless of cargo size or shape.

The Comtruk SUB’s recessed grooves hold rubber friction strips to help reduce sliding and give grip to the bed floor. It turns any pickup into the ultimate crossover vehicle for work and life. It’s designed to match any pickup make, model, body style, or colour.

Comtruk SUB is a ‘no compromise’ solution set to revolutionise the pickup market. Due for launch early 2018.

Feature Video

The Comtruk SUB was featured in a new TV series, Australia By Design. Watch the two minute video segment here.

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