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Simplifying Security

In a world where security is a major concern, a simple idea free from electronics or complex controls is making homeowners safer in suburban America.

SecuraDoor by Monarch Home Innovations is a simple low-cost security solution for householders. Designed and engineered by the team at Outerspace it’s set to protect thousands of households.

After being at home when intruders have broken in, Outerspace’s client David Workman, founder of Monarch Home Innovations, decided to do something to protect himself, his family and others.

David could see there was an advantage in having a door jamming device of some kind, as electronic alarms only tell you when an intruder is already inside your home, when it’s too late.

In the mid 90s David built a prototype door jammer with some friends, but didn’t have time or money to develop it further. Twenty years later, realising a gap still existed in the market, he revisited the idea – on a mission to keep families safe in their homes and to save lives.

Existing door jammers were flimsy with basic small feet, and weak construction; others were rugged heavyweights that would break a doorknob and deform your door. With Outerspace Design, David created SecuraDoor as a superior alternative providing over 1700 lbs (771 kg) of applied pressure to a door.

The Solution

SecuraDoor is an entry-prevention device that’s strong and easy to use. It adjusts to fit onto any doorknob at varying heights. It has a cleverly designed handle yolk that fits comfortably in your hand.

It can be positioned with one hand and is easily used by the elderly or disabled. The handle pivot point creates compression that holds a door securely shut.

The brace has an adjustment collar and pin that ensures a secure fit to a door. The footplate provides maximum surface contact to any floor surface. The device is also conveniently portable. SecuraDoor adheres to the full specifications of the International Building Code and only needs to be adjusted once for any door.

“David needed a design that was friendly, portable and still strong. He also needed it to be lightweight around 2kg (4lbs). SecuraDoor had to stay in place when a door was kicked or a sudden impact was applied to a door. Existing door jammers were flimsy and fell over if a door was kicked, others were over-engineered and dented your door knob and door.” 

           –  Ernesto Hueso, Lead Engineer at Outerspace Design.

“SecuraDoor’s unique handle yolk is moulded in glass-reinforced plastic so it won’t damage a door knob or door. The engineered geometry of the Yolk-handle makes it easy to use with one hand, lightweight yet strong enough to resist impact and loads,” says Ernesto.

“The Foot Plate has been engineered to pivot within a precise 7.5 degree range in one direction ensuring people can easily set SecuraDoor to the correct length, distance and height with no need for constant readjustment,” Ernesto explains.

Outerspace built ‘worst case scenario’ test rigs simulating compression loads of 700 – 800 kg to ensure SecuraDoor would survive attempted break-ins.

“With carefully designed and engineered details, the SecuraDoor is superior to competing products, very simple and easy to use, portable, won’t damage your floor or door and won’t scratch surfaces,” says Ernesto.

“Outerspace’s design team was as patient as they were creative, and professional in every way.  They hit their timelines and adhered to budget constraints – very important for a small business like mine.  And I appreciate the ongoing communication via email and Skype, even continued emails after the design work was complete, to see how things were going,”

          – David Workman

SecuraDoor is now available to consumers in the US. “I am constantly receiving great comments on the design of SecuraDoor.  It’s so far beyond anything that is available.  Outerspace did an exceptional job,” adds David. For more information, visit Monarch’s website.

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