Go To Market Brief

The Go-to-market Product Development Brief

Our Proven Process in a Detailed, Easy-to-Use Template


Calling all engineers, designers, and brand managers: get your product to market quickly and cost effectively by learning to write a detailed product development brief with this easy-to-use template.

Don’t go into a meeting with a product developer without having done your homework. You can save time and money, and get a better-designed product, if you work hard to create a thorough and well thought out product brief.

A good product design brief is the foundation of a strong business plan and project plan, and can help you not only communicate your idea with the design team and project manager, but sell your vision to investors.

Some important tips to keep in mind while developing your brief:

  • Keep it succinct and to the point
  • Use bullet points so the information is quickly and easily consumable
  • Do your research in advance so your designer doesn’t have to do it for you

Once you’re done, you’ll be well on your way to making your product a reality. Curious where to begin? On the next pages are some good starting points for developing your project brief.

General Info

List company name and logo, project title, market category, season, and target launch date.

Opportunity overview

Share your reasons for embarking on developing your product (growing your core business, a need in the market, etc.) You’ll want to include market research and data that shows your product is warranted.

Product and market overview/scope

Create a detailed description of your product, including the deliverables (sketches, product samples, prototypes).
You’ll also want to describe the following:

  • Its purpose and what problem it solves
  • The primary function of the product
  • Key features and benefits
  • Performance specification – may include regulatory requirements
  • Assumptions
  • The target user
  • How many you expect to sell, and at what price
  • Distribution: how and where it will be sold
  • Packaging
  • Project Budget
  • How it fits with the rest of the company’s current products (does it complement or replace existing products)

Product and market overview/scope (cont)

Next, summarize all key tasks involved in the process, your available resources, and who is responsible for each, including the following key functions:

  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Marketing including customer research
  • Finance
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Product Development
  • Technical – i.e. firmware designer, electronics expert
  • Engineering- i.e. engineering and production managers
  • Intellectual Property (patent) protection
  • Sales
  • Tooling and Production – Domestic or off-shore
  • Logistics & Distribution

Overview of competition

Know the market, inside and out. Outline which products yours would compete with, and how yours is different.
List strengths and weaknesses of competitors. What is your desired market share, and is it realistic? You should also have an understanding of the expected profit margin, demonstrating a realistic production cost and solid return on investment.

Product and brand positioning strategy

Describe how you want your product to be perceived in the market, and what the price point would be. What emerging trends can you take advantage of? Determine if your product has any intellectual property, and if it has any features unique enough to be patented.


Describe the benefits of the product, how it solves a problem, and how the product will meet the company’s long term goals and objectives.

Once you’ve shared your brief with your design team, keep an open mind. An experienced designer will provide fresh perspective – some product, technology, market and consumer insights that you may not have considered. Also, new information and opportunities will arise during the development process and it’s important not to ignore them, but to understand how they can make your product better.

Of course, every product is different. Use this list as a starting point as you work to develop a successful product brief.

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