How one man’s CrossFit obsession revolutionised the jump rope

At Outerspace Design, we appreciate clients who identify real world problems to solve, and set a high bar for product excellence.

The founder of RX Smart Gear approached Outerspace with a challenge: design the world’s first high performance jump rope that can be quickly length-adjusted without tools.

Dave Newman entered the Californian CrossFit scene in 2008, and quickly became hooked on the physical intensity of the sport. But like many others, he struggled with the jump rope and the problem of “double unders”, where participants increase the intensity, achieving two rotations for every jump. Dave noticed that outdated gear was letting athletes down, and set out to improve the equipment through careful testing and observation.

One of Dave’s key discoveries was that small changes to jump rope length made a huge difference in posture, technique and efficiency; each athlete required a custom rope length for optimal performance.

Dave and Outerspace Design are proud to introduce RapidFit, the world’s first dual bearing, tool-free, length-adjustable jump rope. The achievement was honoured with a Good Design Award trophy presented to the team at the Sydney Opera House on the eve of the 60 year anniversary of the awards in front of an audience of 1100 guests from around the world.

See the entry here. Click on “Feature One” for more detail about this unique design.


Image L to R: Outerspace : Alex Morrison, Designer, Mark Johnson, Director, RXSG Australia: Daniel Cook

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