Med Tech’s Got Talent Gala Night

Outerspace has been a part of Med Tech’s Got Talent 2015, with our Medical Devices Manager, Adam Bilney, acting as a product development mentor for two teams.

Med Tech’s got talent is an exciting program to encourage pitches from start-ups in the med tech industry. Five semi-finalists were to receive $20,000 in prize money plus participation in an accelerator program. The ultimate winner will receive an additional $40,000 in prize money.

Our two mentees were Pathobin and Wave Biotech. Pathobin has a great vision to bring pathology to the masses. Check out their website. Wave Biotech’s Venecuff is a disruptive device which can replace the tourniquet and blood pressure monitor, making the two most common procedures performed in hospitals easier and safer.

These two teams had to win selection via a rapid fire one minute pitch round where 17 teams were selected for mentoring from 30 finalists. May 21st was their big pitch date and their chance to make it to the final 5.

Wave Biotech had the tough gig of being first up and showed them all how it was done. Congratulations to Pathobin who took home a $20K check as one of the five finalists of the night & was also voted the people’s choice award to top things off. Well done Pathobin & Wave Biotech, we look forward to seeing you continue to grow.

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Jarrod Barker
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Jarrod Barker
Jarrod has a keen interest in technology development and operations. He has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and his industry experience spans product design, sports technology, medical device engineering and power generation. He has worked for a leading design consultancy in Cambridge, UK and now runs the Outerspace branch in San Diego USA.

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