Medical & Scientific

Medical & Scientific

We combine empathy, design thinking and detailed engineering to develop health and medical devices that make real improvements to people’s lives.



As seen on CSI and used by the FBI and CIA, Rofin’s portable forensic equipment enhances detection of trace evidence using variable wavelength light. Outerspace worked with Rofin to refine their product format, update the technology and improve the user interface.


Grael HD EEG/ PSG Amplifier

The Grael is the world’s first HD electroencephalography and polysomnography device with integrated power and data connection. Simultaneously recording, storing and analysing up to 60 physiological variables improves diagnosis and outcomes. The user-friendly and serviceable design has won Compumedics new business, and numerous awards.


Recipient Link

Recipient Link is a lab device for measuring physiology and collecting data on bionic ear implants. Outerspace developed a sensitive yet easy-to-use instrument and short run production to a tight deadline using rapid prototyping technologies. Recipient Link now helps customise implants, improving performance.

XRF Scientific

Spectrolaser 4000

XRF commissioned Outerspace to improve the industrial design of their laser spectrometer. The brief called for a sophisticated sheet metal housing worthy of the complex equipment inside. Outerspace enhanced not only the aesthetics but safety and usability by sourcing components and batch production techniques.

“Our long association with Outerspace has delivered substantial benefits to our development process. This has resulted in medical products that now receive international attention and are achieving record sales.”
Warwick Freeman, CTO, Compumedics

Why Outerspace?

Work with a team that’s as excited about your project as you are.
Because when we see the potential in a great idea, we have to make it happen.


  • Feasibility study
  • User & market research
  • Concept development
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Industrial design & styling
  • Mockups
  • CAD modeling
  • Rendering
  • Engineering & DFM
  • Prototyping
  • Product testing
  • Graphic User Interface design (GUI)
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Packaging and user manuals
  • Tooling & production management
  • Quality assurance
  • Product road mapping

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