Obama talks med tech design

Congratulations to our client Synchron (SmartStent) on getting their ground-breaking research published in Nature Biotechnology earlier this year. We were honored to have contributed to the design of the Stentrode – a unique implantable electrode array that allows access to areas of the brain that control the movement of limbs, with a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

By recording brain activity and converting the acquired signals into electrical commands, Stentrode will one day enable patients with paralysis to walk again, through direct brain control of prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons.

We’re not the only ones excited about this new medical device technology. We’re confident the endorsement by President Obama will help them as they raise capital to support their next round of device development and early clinical trials. Watch the short video here.

It will be interesting to see this technology combined with another recent development out of the University of Melbourne: providing robotic pressure feedback. Ultimately, users will be able to control artificial limbs with their thoughts, and also “feel” the objects they are interacting with, for control over mechanical force, something that able bodied people take for granted.

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Adam Bilney
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Adam Bilney
Adam’s professional career started in Switzerland developing surgical tools for open heart surgery then progressed to Melbourne’s Baker Heart Research Institute designing cardiac devices. He is also a founding inventor of the devices behind Osprey Medical. You could say Adam has a background in fixing broken hearts!

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