Packaging Design for a future me

Is your brand missing out on a huge opportunity due to bad packaging design?

Learn practical ways to ensure your structural packaging solution is frustration-free for an important and growing market segment. Attend “Packaging Design for a Future Me” presented by Daryl Thompson at the AIP Technical Forum, part of Auspack, on March 24th.

Daryl has worked with major FMCG clients finding real world packaging solutions in Australia and the UK. Register for AusPack here.

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Jarrod Barker
About the Author
Jarrod Barker
Jarrod has a keen interest in technology development and operations. He has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and his industry experience spans product design, sports technology, medical device engineering and power generation. He has worked for a leading design consultancy in Cambridge, UK and now runs the Outerspace branch in San Diego USA.

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