The Fusion Guitar – Official Update

The Fusion Guitar – Official Update

The Fusion Guitar is the flagship project of Outerspace Design’s Innerspace Development Program, which fosters innovative ideas from within. The guitar is the brainchild of Dave, our senior product design engineer and resident electric guitar player. Developed and refined by the Outerspace team, the Fusion Guitar is the world’s smartest electric guitar with built in amp, battery speakers and iPhone integration, letting you play anywhere and unleashing a world of creativity and effects using amazing apps.

It’s been five weeks since the launch of the Fusion Guitar, and things have gone crazy. A campaign was set up on popular crowd funding platform Indiegogo to raise capital for tooling and first production run. The response has been huge:
– A quarter of a million dollars raised, smashing the goal by 650%.
– Heaps of media attention around the world
– Promo video went viral with four million views after being shared by a legendary bassist.
– Funding campaign extended due to popular demand

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from project backers, so here’s an official FAQ’s update:


The pricing structure was designed in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to own the Fusion Guitar. Initially we set out with a very cheap early bird price of $399 (USD), and we decided to extend this so more people would have access to this great deal.

Currently the price is at $459 and will soon increase. The retail price is anticipated to be up to $799. We want to reward our crowdfund backers, who have made this possible with their early support. By supporting the Fusion Guitar, backers will receive a bargain as well as be one of the world’s first owners of the Fusion Guitar.

Why was the campaign extended by 30 days?

Our decision to extend the campaign was driven by giving more people an opportunity to own the Fusion Guitar. With our efforts now focussed on manufacture, this extension will not affect the delivery time. We want as many people to share in the joy of playing this instrument, hence the extension.

What have been the campaign highs and lows?

Our highlight has been to hear the excitement of people who have backed the project. We’ve had support from 50 different countries so far. It was thrilling for us to see the campaign go viral during a low point of campaign activity. Five time Grammy award winning bassist, Victor Wooten shared the campaigned video to his Facebook followers which saw the video spread virally across the world amassing over 4 Million views!

Timeline update – when is product expected to ship?

We anticipate shipment around March 2016; we have not experienced any setbacks to date. If we do, we will notify backers immediately.

Stretch goals – what does the campaign success mean for backers?

We want our community of backers to share in the success of the campaign. When our first stretch goal ($200K) was reached we announced an extension to the colour range. Reaching our next stretch goal ($300K) will mean that our backers receive 10 Fusion Guitar picks and a leather strap. For us, it’s about providing as much value as possible to our backers.

We are incredibly thankful to all the people who have supported us in this crowdfunding adventure. It means a lot to us to see so many people excited about the Fusion Guitar. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this product to life and help share the joy of playing music with the world.

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