Understand megatrends to improve your product design

You are part of a global phenomenon.

Everything you do – what you eat, what you wear, how you vote, what you read, what you watch, what you buy (or don’t buy), how you travel, what you share, is part of a larger conversation that you contribute to, and by which you are influenced.

Yes, you’re an individual, but whether you realise it or not, your choices and actions contribute to the ongoing evolution of society.

Understanding these movements is critical for anyone developing products for purchase. To help make sense of, visualise, and communicate these flows in a meaningful way, product designers group these movements into categories that we call megatrends.

Megatrends are big, broad, cultural and social trends that influence our values and consumption behaviours – they represent big changes that occur over a five-to-ten-year period and are an important information tool at Outerspace Design.

Imagine if you were going to buy a car today. What trends are important to your situation and personality? Is luxury important to you? Would you buy a small car or an SUV? Petrol, diesel or electric engine? Or are you opposed to individual car ownership, preferring to walk, bike, take the bus, Uber or a share car? Some of these options weren’t even available a few years ago.


Expanding your product range:

Megatrends are very useful for companies wanting to differentiate and expand their product range, but are unsure what to do.

Each megatrend is an opportunity to tailor your product and align it with a consumer value set, that is strengthening over time, to ensure relevancy.

At Outerspace, as we progress through a project, we challenge ourselves at every part of the creative process, always asking – Who else could this appeal to? What else could this product do? Are we communicating the right values to the right market? By asking these questions, we use megatrends to make sure we are taking every opportunity to increase the value and longevity of each product we design and develop.

There are 8 megatrends in our five-to-ten-year forecast:

  • The New Luxury
  • Social Awareness
  • Natural
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Physical
  • Athleisure
  • Digital Virtual
  • Powershift

Read Megatrend 1: The New Luxury

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