Why You Should Use a Design Firm for Your New Product Development

blog1-in-articleAre you getting ready to embark on a new product development? Congratulations. It’s an exciting process, though one that can be involved, lengthy, and confusing. How do you navigate this new world? Or maybe you’ve done this before, but want to achieve more this time around?

Using a design firm could be the answer to making your new product development process go smoothly, quickly, and result in a desirable end product. Internal teams don’t always possess all the skills needed to get the job done, and are often spread thin or distracted with other priorities. Perhaps you think a design firm isn’t worth the money, or that you can get the same results internally. Think again. Read on to learn the benefits of using a design firm for your new product development.


1. Expertise

If you turn to a design firm with a proven track record of success, you’ll be in experienced hands. Firms can offer critical skills in all areas of product development, including research and development. You’ll have a team working for you that has spent countless hours going through the product design process before, and brings serious expertise to the table. When a problem arises, your team will work hard to find a unique, sustainable solution while keeping on track toward your deadlines.


2. Reduced Risk

There could be a wide range of design considerations that you haven’t thought of that would affect the success of your product. A design firm has been down this road many times before, and can advise you on product development processes and best practice procedures. The short answer is: they’ll get it done, and done right the first time.


3. Scale Quickly

A design firm can pull from its vast resources to put more people on your job, as needed. If there’s a deadline that needs to be met quickly, or a sudden issue comes up, the firm can add manpower to your team to keep things moving swiftly and on time.

If you leave new product development to an internal team, they may need to scramble to problem solve, or put in extra time researching areas they aren’t familiar with. Leave your internal team to focus on what it does best, instead of doing a job a firm can likely do better and faster.


4. Accountability

It’s pretty nice when someone has your back. With a design firm, you get a highly trained team of experts whose every day focus is product development. The design team works on an agreed plan, including specific deliverables, timelines, and stage gates. Again, they’ve done this before, and there’s little chance they’ll let something slip through the cracks, or let an important detail fall by the wayside.

If you’re not pleased with the way things are going, or if something goes awry, there is a chain of command to answer your questions and get things where you want them to be.


5. Specific Knowledge

A design firm is familiar with the regulatory demands of the industry, and will focus on what is needed throughout the product development cycle. They are used to meeting deadlines, wading through fine print, and finding solutions to very specific problems. Think of a design firm like a kitchen full of accomplished chefs. Sure, you could pull together your own team of people to bake a batch of cookies. But whose cookies would you rather sample in the end? Probably the cookies baked by the chefs.


6. Results Focused

With a design firm, you’ll have a team in your corner that’s hyper- focused on getting your product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. What if it doesn’t? It’d be out of business pretty quickly. When there’s a sense of urgency to bring a product to market, the firm gets that, and its team members share that desire. It’s also their sole job, unlike an internal team, which has its own day-to-day responsibilities to handle in addition to launching the new product.


7. Downscale Quickly

A design firm saves you from the hassles of sourcing and hiring team members to work on your product development process. An extensive internal team isn’t needed, and you won’t have to pull members off other projects to complete yours.

When the project is finished and the team is no longer needed, the design firm simply moves on to the next thing. And, if the worse happens, and you need to pull the plug on your product, you won’t have wasted hours of internal team time.


8. Fresh Perspective

With a design firm, you get the benefit of years of cross-disciplinary and cross-industry experience. The team isn’t blinded by doing things the same way they always do.

A well-balanced design team will have members from all different academic and social backgrounds and will be good at innovating and problem solving. If a problem is outside the scope of the team’s knowledge, they know who to ask to get things done.


Still wondering if a design firm is the right solution for your new product development? Connect with us today to get the conversation started.

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