Zygo makes a splash

When you’re surrounded by apps and devices, it’s amazing to discover that you can’t find a waterproof headset that wirelessly streams audio above and below water. So water sports enthusiasts Charlie and Sheera set out to solve this problem. It turns out that Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater, so a radio frequency transmitter and a special antenna are required to convert the signal. After a bit of R&D, and innovative technology was developed and patented, tech startup company Zygo was founded.

Outerspace Design was contacted to help turn the intellectual property into a market-ready product. There were still considerable challenges to overcome, including mechanical engineering, waterproofing, electronics integration, heat dissipation, and optimisation for mass production.

Over the past year, Outerspace has worked with Zygo to transform their initial concept into a fully engineered group of manufactured products – the first wireless headset and communication system for underwater audio streaming.

With an IP68 waterproof rating, highly integrated electronics and cutting edge antenna design requiring an innovative manufacturing technique, it uses patent-pending radio frequency technology to stream from an above water handheld transmitter to an underwater bone conduction headset. The transmitter allows the wearer to stream music, but also doubles as a walkie-talkie for real time one-way communication, which is great for poolside coaching.

Outerspace recently accompanied Charlie and Sheera on a trip to assemble the first off-tool units together. Check out the video on the Zygo crowdfunding campaign and get behind another world-first experience.

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Sergei Plishka
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Sergei Plishka
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