Contract Manufacturing and Component Sourcing

We create for the real world. Our multidisciplinary team always design and engineer for manufacture. We go that step further and put you in contact with people who know how to make it a reality. Alongside our development process, we can connect you with trusted toolmakers, product manufacturing companies, as well as materials and component suppliers around the world to ensure you’re getting the right mix of speed, quality and cost. We speak their language for you. We get results for you – by being very specific about details and your expectations right from the start.

For Polaris we helped find a number of manufacturers and assemblers with particular experience in their type of product. We worked with various contract manufacturing and toolmaking companies on production quotes for all the injection molded parts. We sourced hinges, foam ear cushions and even helped them find smaller, more powerful rechargeable headset batteries at a lower price by cutting out the middle man.

We make how to find a manufacturer easy

With the right product manufacturing team, you can start with an idea and ship high-quality, reliable units in no time. We help you find them. Our genius isn’t just limited to innovative design thinking. We step outside the box and find you the companies you need to help make your idea not just a reality, but a success. Our team will help you cut costs and beat deadlines to deliver a best-in-industry product under budget and on time.

If you’re looking for the most creative thinking, a design and development process that’s fast, flexible and responsive to your needs, you’re home.

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