Human Factors Engineering and the User Experience

Make every moment spent using your product a joy. User Experience (UX) design looks at the entire product use cycle to improve user-product interactions and understanding. Human Factors Engineering covers anthropometrics – body dimensions and limitations, and ergonomics – comfort and ease of use.

With our Soundshield call center headset project for Polaris, we used mock-ups to simulate real world conditions. These helped establish that the frequently-used mute button should be large and low on the screen and should also change color to indicate engagement.

Critical assessments of mock-ups established that too much or little motion in the unit would detract from UX. As the device would be used for hours at a time, the screen angle should be adjustable to eliminate glare and the hinge must resist unintentional rotation. Anthropometric data was used to start designing the headset ear hook.

A great product has great UX

If your product is difficult or frustrating to use, you’re out of the market. At Outerspace Design, we strive to make our clients’ products effortless to use. Everything from our product development team to our packaging department works to create a great UX, because if you have that you’ve got everything else.

UX is where everything from the product’s instructions, packaging, ergonomics and functionality come together to form the total impression your product makes on your customers. Make your first impression – and every one after that – as good as it can be with our help.

The ultimate goal of our engineering team is to produce a well-designed product that can give the user a seamless experience from unboxing through to final use. Convenient, easy-to-use, productive and efficient are all words associated with products with fantastic UX. Make sure they’re attached to yours by talking to the professionals at Outerspace Design.

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