Design & Innovation Strategy

We can help you find creative solutions to new challenges.

Strategic Design is a holistic approach to product development which takes into consideration the needs of three fundamental elements that lead to commercial success; the business vision, market dynamics and the end user. Outerspace uses a future-focused approach to understand the driving forces that will shape consumer needs, providing the foundation for competitive advantage. Our approach uncovers insights and opportunities, creating design challenges that drive innovation. We test and validate those ideas to mitigate risk, delivering commercial and business success.

We can help you:

  • See the future – understand and extrapolate complex market influences and trends.
  • Identify opportunities for product innovation that fulfill unmet needs before product development begins
  • Address challenges that have not been dealt with before, and where the facts do not yet exist
  • Make decisions and plan contingencies on the basis of quality research and proven processes rather than aesthetics, intuition and gut feel
  • Mitigate risk with early consumer testing and validation prior to committing capital
  • Incorporate design thinking as a fundamental aspect of your brand culture
  • Design a strategic product roadmap for both short and long term business sustainability

The Outerspace Strategic Design Program is best fit for:

  • Forward-thinking clients who value planning to deliver competitive advantage
  • Startups who want to find their niche
  • Technology innovators
  • Anyone wanting to test and validate the commercial opportunity of new ideas before major investment.
  • Managers wanting to diversify their product, packaging or brand offering
  • Anyone needing to follow up a successful flagship product with another winner.

Get out-of-the-box thinking by a team of more than 25 intrapreneurs working for you.

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