latest EV designs for VinFast unveiled

outerspace’s automotive design studio, Gomotiv, showcases its state-of-the-art automotive design services with the VF Wild and VF3 EV designs for VinFast.

Gomotiv’s successful partnership with VinFast brings to life the vision for two new concept cars, an industry first for an independent Australian design studio to be responsible for the design of a complete showcar and production vehicle on behalf of a global OEM.

celebrating the launch of VF Wild

Gomotiv developed the VinFast CES 2024 debut vehicle VF Wild from concept to release in record time.

Gomotiv VF WILD


“The team at VinFast was very clear that they wanted to establish a strong brand identity built on previous vehicles in their range. They specifically asked us to create a mid-size truck with high appeal and flexibility not present in the current pick up market,” says Robert Thorpe, Gomotiv Studio Director.

“We have a strong working relationship with VinFast. Our team worked with their leadership and design team to help deliver their vision for the interior and exterior, developing concepts and then executing the showcar design and development over a six-month period – an incredibly fast result for an OEM. The team produced amazing work and we are very pleased for our client,” explains Thorpe.

The VF Wild is no ordinary pickup with styling that is confident, commanding, and modern. It combines the practicality of a power-folding midgate enabling the class-leading bed to expand from 5 to 8 feet, folding cantilever seats, plus an integrated panoramic glass roof.

The Wild design is intended to make drivers feel like they can venture beyond the daily grind and explore the great outdoors. With the practicality of the expanding bed, work and play can be done in style and comfort.

the VF3 mini-eSUV shares center stage

A mini-eSUV, the VF3, initially shared online in June 2023 and now launched globally, features a balance of robust geometric blocks and sleek lines, creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Gomotiv VF3


“Our brief was to design a compact modern vehicle for drivers who value practicality with contemporary city inspired styling. We’re very pleased that the VF3 has been shared onstage at CES,” Thorpe says.

about Gomotiv

A newly formed design studio at outerspace, Gomotiv provides decades of combined, global design experience. The studio has worked with clients such as Ford, Nissan, Chery and VinFast.

With over twenty experts working side-by-side in design, digital sculpting, studio engineering and program management, many on the team have held senior positions at Ford, General Motors, Toyota, McLaren, Jaguar, Kia and other major OEMs.

“We’re focused on designing complete vehicles for VinFast – all the way from concept sketches to show car design and to production release – successfully competing with established studios,” explains Thorpe.

Working closely with automotive clients to define a strong brand identity and design language, Gomotiv sets their clients’ vehicle designs apart from their competitors, demonstrating how quality design differentiates brands in the EV crowded market.


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