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welcome to the engine room

We’re a multidisciplinary product development powerhouse. We know how to create, build and manufacture successful products.

our development process


Our multi-disciplinary approach to product development underpins years of experience.

program and systems engineering

Our program and systems engineers manage and coordinate the complex multidisciplinary product development programs and projects we thrive on. They pull together our product development…

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industrial design

Our industrial designers are artists and engineers. They’re advocates for the end users of the products and systems we create. As researchers and strategists working…

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mechanical engineering

At outerspace our mechanical engineers explore mechanical concepts and determine the technical feasibility of our ideas. As mechanical problem solvers, they design and engineer how…

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electronic engineering

Our electronic engineers are focused on the embedded systems of products. This typically starts with requirements and early strategic architecture decisions depending on the goals…

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firmware design

Our firmware developers breathe life into the electronics hardware we design for products. Working together on our multidisciplinary team, our firmware developers are outcome and…

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industries we work with

agriculture and environment

At outerspace we develop products and technology systems for the agricultural sector, and agtech scale-ups. We design and engineer products that protect and preserve our…

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safety and industrial

We’ve developed a broad range of safety and industrial products and systems. We have a deep understanding of the specialised advanced technologies required to develop…

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medical and scientific

We work with clients to develop medical devices and scientific instruments across a broad range of speciality areas.  We provide clients needing to scale-up in…

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sport and fitness

At outerspace we understand how sport and fitness connects people and how it makes them look and feel well and healthy. When people are fit…

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We’ve been developing consumer products for over thirty years. At outerspace consumer product development moves fast and our team thrives on the dynamic shifts and…

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