safety and industrial

We’ve developed a broad range of safety and industrial products and systems.

We have a deep understanding of the specialised advanced technologies required to develop complex products and systems to exacting standards. We know safety and industrial products need to be reliable and efficient in physically demanding and dangerous workplaces. 

We have years of experience in developing products to complex engineering safety standards. Our team has developed products for the security, safety, emergency communications, underground mining, heavy industry, transport and law enforcement sectors. 

Products in the safety and industrial space are often for commercial markets. Outerspace understands the dynamics of business to business marketing and the different priorities our clients have in this sector. 

We know how to engineer products for challenging workplace environments that can be challenging to human health. We are very familiar with the unique materials, technologies, electronics and manufacturing requirements needed for safety and industrial products and systems.

Outerspace has developed thermal camera systems, two-way radio systems, red light and speed cameras, driver drowsiness detection eyewear, headlamps for mining helmets, after-market vehicle parts, safety equipment for building and construction workers. 

We understand system design, how to integrate systems and bring together all the technologies to make up a successful product. We are experts in fit-for-purpose design, product engineering for industrial applications and meeting workplace safety standards.

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Robin Zwama

Senior Industrial Designer

Pinakesh De

Senior Industrial Designer

James Lenehan

Senior Electronics Engineer

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