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At outerspace we understand how sport and fitness connects people and how it makes them look and feel well and healthy.

When people are fit they feel better about themselves and are likely to live longer. We develop fitness products and systems to help people achieve their fitness goals. We work with our clients to develop sports and fitness products to provide people with the motivation and discipline to exercise. 

We engineer and develop connected products to help people track their progress, to give people feedback on their progress, and to aid training programs. Fitness products need to be robust. They need to be impact and water resistant, sometimes waterproof. We have a deep understanding of human biomechanics and understand that fitness products need to be safe and robust for people who like to push beyond their physical limits. 

outerspace has years of experience in the development of ruggedised and wearable devices for sport. We know sports products also need to look good, and be comfortable to wear. Wearables are like extensions of the body. They need to be adjustable, fashionable, functional and lightweight. 

We understand the important details required for sports product development,  such as the use of biocompatible materials and the product safety aspects of mechanical, electronic and firmware components. Whether we are developing products for home or gym use, fitness products need to be easy to store and maintain.

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Fred Blochlinger

Founder and Managing Director

Robert Thorpe

Director - Transportation Design

JB Morch

Director - US Operations

Scott Foster

Electronics Design Manager

Brody Payne

Mechanical Design Manager

Anirban Bose

Senior Firmware Engineer

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