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The founder of Rx Smart Gear needed a jump rope that could be quickly and easily adjusted in length without using tools. We designed the RapidFit jump rope for Rx – the world’s first dual bearing rope with easy length adjustment negating the need for extra tools.

The humble jump rope has had a resurgence as a global fitness phenomenon. outerspace engineered the jump rope to maximise efficiency, reduce frustration, improve technique, enjoyment and to increase fitness motivation.


12 months


Good Design Awards

Rx needed the rope to have intuitive mechanical operation and easy adjustability in seconds. We designed the rope to adjust in small increments. It has ergonomically designed handles for grip tension and is highly durable with low resistance for efficient rotation. It’s twist and tangle free.

outerspace designers and engineers met all design criteria specified by Rx in a compact format, using clever design and sophisticated engineering. An indexed stem inside the handle captures the rope tip in one of five positions in each handle, with a total of ten settings across 200mm of adjustment.

The stem is accessed by simply pushing a button at the end of the handle, revealing the intuitive adjustment mechanism. Dual bearings in each handle provide a smooth, frictionless rotational motion. The small diameter, tapered elastomer handle allows a secure hold with the least amount of grip pressure reducing forearm fatigue.

The RapidFit jump rope product supports Rx’s expansion into mainstream sporting markets beyond their well-established boxing and CrossFit base. It provides a low cost, portable and effective way to workout, an efficient and tailored experience, increasing motivation to achieve better health and fitness results. We designed the jump rope for jumping experts and beginners alike.

We designed RapidFit for easy disassembly and maintenance. Interchangeable parts are available for replacement instead of product disposal. Coated steel cable, stainless steel bearings and an aluminium head combined with rugged handles make a highly durable product designed for years of trouble free use.

Sophisticated design features within the handle include a deep draw part with over-moulding and intricate clipping features for the release mechanism at the end of the handle.

High contrast coloured branding is recessed into the handle for impact and brand awareness.

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