Product development with the best

Don’t let a good idea go to waste. At Outerspace Design, we take your innovation and make it real for you and millions of other people. With full in-house design, prototyping, packaging and modelling teams, we’ve got every step of the product roadmap covered.

We help you believe that your idea can become a reality. From day one you’ll work with an experienced lead designer and project manager to keep everything moving smoothly. We’ll help create a product roadmap that gets you from to A to B to success. Know that with us your idea will be where it needs to be when you need it to be there.

Making it real with visualization and commercialization

Our product visualization team use 3D modelling and computer-assisted design to produce digital and real world mock-ups, showing you how it’ll be built and used. You’ll be able to offer feedback and suggestions to get what’s on the page as close to what’s in your head as possible, Often all it takes to convince our clients that this is happening, this is real is one trip to our product visualization department.

The Outerspace product development team have experience making everything from phone headsets to custom syringes. The people we keep on staff are out-of-the-box thinkers and will work around you requirements and toward your goals to deliver high-quality units on time and under budget.

The ride doesn’t stop there. The last step on the road is product commercialization, where we hand you off to our packaging and manufacturing component sourcing teams so everything is made the way you want and looks its best on the shelf. We’ve already gone from idea to product, commercialization is when we turn it into a brand.

While our packaging team come up with an innovative solution to safely and attractively enclose your product, you’ll be put in contact with companies around the world who can help produce what you need in the volumes you need it.

Get in touch today and let us help you make a splash in your industry. Call our Melbourne office on +61 3 9427 0355 or our San Diego location on +1 (949) 228 4911 and find out how taking your idea to Outerspace could be the best thing for it.