wearable neurology monitor

Okti is a wearable, high-density electro-encephalogram amplifier or EEG.

outerspace worked with neurological device manufacturer, Compumedics, to design Okti for rapid set up by a clinician, to analyse brain conditions while patients are mobile.

Optimised for children, Okti provides crucial diagnosis of brain disorders to enable early and effective treatment.


3 years


Good Design Award

The power and flexibility of the Okti system gives patients with epilepsy and brain disorders, freedom of movement and dignity while vital diagnostic information is recorded.

Our design team focused on a design that reduces the anxiety and discomfort experienced during this monitoring process.


A compact wearable device, Okti is a combination of three devices in one. A powerful battery, with complex electronics and up to 74 connector wires housed in a small protective case. The design allows for fast setup for untethered monitoring and integration with a small textile backpack or waist pack.

With layered flexible circuit boards, illuminated connectors, long lasting battery and interchangeable modules, Okti is a powerful mobile device in an ultra-compact size measuring 185x85x42mm and weighing just 640-790 grams.

An ergonomically designed backpack or waist pack neatly zips together over the Okti device. Wires from electrodes positioned on a patient’s head for monitoring, are gathered neatly together and concealed in a soft fabric tube. Hiding the wires reduces the fear and stigma experienced by patients and gives them freedom to move during diagnostic studies.

Okti has a soft form that ensures gentle contact when worn on a patient’s back or waist. 

The design complies with CE, Class IIb, FDA, IEC 60601 standards.

The protective case is moulded in a custom polymer – researched, tested and validated to withstand impact, chemical attack from hospital cleaning agents and to meet stringent UL-94V2 fire resistance standards.

Okti’s soft texture and gentle colour pallet is carried through in its accessories.

Primarily designed to be worn by children, the focus of the design is to make the scary and stressful process of undergoing an EEG, fun.

We developed an “Okti the octopus” toy, complete with head bandage, for children to play with during monitoring.

Leveraging a patented electrode illumination feature, the design enables clinicians to quickly place 74 electrodes into the sockets of the device in correct order.

Interchangeable study modules utilise quick connectors that are easily swapped out by technicians with the removal of a single screw.

Batteries are easily removed by releasing a spring-loaded door. A locking system case protects against electrode removal.

Reusable and disposable versions of the Okti backpack and waist pack are designed for clinical environments with strict infection control requirements. They are certified: CE, Class IIb, FDA.

Okti’s flexible design provides hospitals and clinics with lower cost EEG monitoring for patients, offering a range of study types from a single device, without the need for multiple large EEG systems.

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