Director US Operations – JB Morch

Director US Operations – JB Morch

JB is a talented product developer and project manager, who has worked and lived in Southern California for his entire professional career. With over 20 years of experience working closely with clients, he manages multidisciplinary product development teams to achieve successful commercial product outcomes.


JB has managed teams of designers and engineers of all disciplines; technologists and manufacturers within the United States, in Europe and Asia, across many industry sectors. A highly experienced collaborator and facilitator, he guides and supports clients on their journey to clearly identify and solve problems; with innovative hardware product and system solutions.

As Director of US Operations, JB is our go-to-contact for clients looking for professional advice and support in product development. He works with established businesses needing an experienced product development team to create, design and engineer new products.  

JB is also well connected to local startup and scaleup clients, communities and forums. He frequently advises entrepreneurs on the important aspects of hardware development, industrial design, mechanical, electronic, firmware and systems engineering for product ideas.

As a member of our big team of experienced product developers, he can quickly assemble a specialist crew from our design and engineering line-up to tailor an offering that aligns with any particular requirement.

over to JB…

“I enjoy uncovering problems that clients don’t realize they’re facing, and solving them in an elegant way. I like looking at the big picture; solving not just the immediate problem, but finding solutions that acknowledge larger, universal issues like accessibility, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

“In product development it’s important to stay open to unconventional ideas. I find it very rewarding to see some of them realized in a project.”

“Great design isn’t simply about making a product look attractive. It’s about the careful consideration of when and how a product will be used; who will use it; and then turning that user experience into a joy.

outerspace’s offering is unique in Southern California, in that we combine a strong engineering aptitude with a design-first process. When we work with a client we aren’t just checking off a list of requirements. 

“We listen closely to our client’s vision, get a deep understanding of the problem to be solved, and explore all the creative solutions that might work. 

“We always offer several paths to get to a successful product launch, and walk side-by-side with the client on the journey to the solution that works best for both the client and their customers.

“outerspace provides a complete system design approach to product development – customized to suit a client’s specific requirements. 

“We take an early idea through the design process of sketching and developing concepts; refining a chosen concept; creating 3D mock-ups; engineering drawings and 3D CAD models; prototypes; electronic hardware designs and firmware solutions; and design for manufacture and release. 

“Anyone with a great idea can contact us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation about the product design process and the best route forward. We have a diverse portfolio and love a challenge!

“With our years of experience in starting with a client’s vision, through the design and engineering processes to final manufacturing; we don’t just answer questions, we always advise our clients on what questions they could be asking and listen to their concerns. 

“Satisfaction in what we do comes from seeing a client succeed in creating a successful product that is valuable to many people.

“Product development can be a complex journey. Once systems are in place and a strong working relationship is established and proven, many of our clients continue to develop new products with us, extending their ranges and offering to their customers. 

engaging with the design and engineering communities

“I love the fact that there are several strong universities developing designers and engineers with fresh ideas and energy. UCSD and San Diego State have well known engineering programs, but there are some gems I’m keeping an eye on including UCSD’s Design Co community and the new engineering programs at Cal State San Marcos.

“I help mentor a robotics program at the high school level. San Diego is well known throughout the competitive robotics community as a hub for industrious and innovative teams, and I am proud to participate in giving knowledge to the future engineers and computer scientists on the team. 

“When I’m not at work, I enjoy playing basketball in a league of fellow past-their-prime players. We succeed in our goals, in order of importance – staying healthy, having fun and playing some good competitive hoops. 

“I’m a fan of international soccer and a supporter of one of our local professional teams, the SD Wave Fútbol Club. I’m extremely proud that San Diego has such a wide breadth of sports to both play and watch, from ubiquitous sand volleyball courts, world-class golf, and miles of mountain bike trails, to professional baseball, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, arena football, and several soccer teams.

“As a product developer and hardware lover, with a background in electronics engineering, I strongly believe that technology can solve most problems – if it’s designed well.”

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JB Morch

Director - US Operations

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