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We partnered with the founders of CleverPet to engineer their gaming console idea for lonely dogs into the CleverPet Hub. Developed by neuroscientists at the University of California, the CleverPet game system includes a Hub or console, with cloud-based games supported by an app.


2 years

The system is designed to fulfill a dog’s cognitive needs and keeps them mentally stimulated throughout the day when their owner is away.

The connected dog game console is designed to be adaptive and to challenge dogs through puzzles featuring lights, sounds and touch pads. It automatically rewards pets with food when they solve puzzles, and adapts as pets get smarter. Owners train their dogs to use CleverPet, and monitor their activity and achievements on an app.

Dogs have various dietary requirements. We engineered the CleverPet Hub for maximum canine compatibility. The motorised ‘hopper’ can facilitate all sizes and shapes of dry dog food on the market without jamming or over-dispensing.

Large tactile touch pads have been durability tested for thousands of use cycles, with LED backlight colours scientifically selected for a dog’s colour-limited vision.

Outerspace engineers gave the CleverPet Hub smooth surfaces, paw-proof door latches, tough materials, and no overhangs graspable by tooth or claw, to prevent a dog from accessing the food storage area inside.

The Hub is designed to be durable and easy to maintain. It can be pulled apart for cleaning.


We engineered the complex internal electro mechanical system and developed a frustaconical singulator mechanism that rotates in increments to provide one or two kibbles of dry dog food to reward a dog when it has solved a puzzle.

outerspace designed the Hub’s electronic controls, motors, switches, sensors, sound feedback and special touch pads that are sensitive to a dog’s snout or paw pressure and shape.

We sourced and coordinated the manufacturing, testing, prototyping, product design, electronics and electro-mechanical engineering for the CleverPet Hub.

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