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The founder of Walk To Beat, contacted us during a MedTech Actuator program for startups. Walk To Beat wanted to refine their smart walking stick design for people with Parkinson’s Disease and needed to make it ready for preliminary patient trials.


8 months

The smart stick maps a person’s walking patterns, and uses this information to provide vibrational cues in the handle to prompt the person to take a step forward according to their walking ‘beat’, when they experience a Parkinsonian ‘freeze’.

We optimised the smart stick design and improved the ergonomics and form of the retrofit ‘floating’ handle, making it less complex, more robust and easier to assemble. Our engineers reduced the number of parts to prepare it for production.

Walk To Beat’s software and technology maps a person’s walking pattern and connects to a smart device.

We assisted with further development elements of the existing connected device, added Bluetooth and connected it to a data recording app for preliminary analysis.

We worked with the founder to give the smart stick handle more connectivity to pull more data to support the trials, to make it more reliable.Our designers created computer generated images of the smart stick to support Walk To Beat’s marketing activities.

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James Lenehan

Senior Electronics Engineer

John Babu

Firmware Engineer

Tim Ellis

Senior Electronics Engineer

Anirban Bose

Senior Firmware Engineer

Scott Foster

Electronics Design Manager





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