RFID Wallet

Tapsquire is a compact tap card wallet designed to make accessing, tapping and storing your smart cards more convenient in an elegant format.


12 months


Good Design Award

The father and son co-founders of Tapsquire needed a semi-functional prototype to show investors how the product idea would work and look.

outerspace worked to make Tapsquire product robust, reliable and engineered for mass production. 

We refined the style and details so the original vision is realised.


We reduced the overall size of the original wallet prototype and applied a sophisticated level of precision detailing more commonly associated with cameras and electronics goods, to suit Tapsquire’s discerning target market.

Our refined RFID protected wallet design maintains the original aesthetic, while adding extra sophistication.

Tapsquire is engineered to be suitable for high volume manufacture.

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our experts

Brody Payne

Mechanical Design Manager

Fay Gibson

Mechanical Design Engineer

Christian Tucker

Product Design Manager