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Electronics brand Sprout needed to replace their clear and generic box pack for its range of mobile phone accessories with a versatile and different retail packaging system. Working with Sprout’s brand manager, we designed a unique and eco-friendly packaging system that reflected the cheeky personality of the Sprout brand.


6 months


Good Design Award, Worldstar Packaging Award, Packaging Council Award , WPO Award

Our team explored a range of unconventional structural packaging formats and built mock ups to compare concepts, functionality, look and feel.

We developed a concept using formed paper pulp with a smooth finish to make it an external visual, structural and tactile feature. 

For Sprout’s more fashion inspired phone cases we made sure the product was clearly visible. The final concept featured two pulp trays, a common outer to give the pack structure and a customised inner tray to securely hold specific accessories.

Consumers are reluctant to purchase fashion accessories until seeing them on their phone, and non-fashion accessories without checking the connector compatibility. Our research revealed that tamper evident features hindered a retailer’s ability to re-shelve and re-sell accessories after demonstrating phone cases to customers.

Working with the brand manager we eliminated tamper evidence so the pack could be restored after opening.

For the Sprout fashion packs, the graphics are printed on the clear PET sleeve for high visibility and eliminating the need for stick on label separation before recycling. The sleeves on all packs are die cut for hang sell capability.

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