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We love sharing our experiences in the product development space. Hosting our own Big Idea event was a great opportunity to welcome and introduce start-ups and new comers to the product development process.

It was also a great excuse for the team to take people wanting an opportunity to learn about ‘physical’ product design and product hardware development, on a grand tour of our workspaces, labs and workshops.

The event was a sell-out and an inspiring night of relaxed conversation and sharing ideas. Start-ups and entrepreneurs from Melbourne’s innovation ecosystem, from medtech to agtech, shared their stories.

Mike Denham, industrial designer and our Creative Team Lead presented the outerspace processes and pathways to successful products including “rocky roads and camel humps” and identifying “the real problems your idea is solving”.

“Rocky roads and camel humps” is just one way outerspace describes the ups and downs of product development. It explains what to expect when you are working through the phases of product development from start to finish. This isn’t a negative thing. It’s more a reality check for anyone new to product development, planning to create a new product from scratch.

The problem identified

Identifying the problem that a product idea is going to solve is the single most important step in early product development.

outerspace uses strategic research and design techniques to clearly isolate the real problem the idea seeks to solve, to inform and direct a clear brief for a project in close collaboration with a client and their team.


Belinda Stening Design Strategist and Industrial Designer
Design Strategy and Marketing

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