Water Source makes a splash at OzWater

Our client Water Source International has made a successful debut at OzWater, the biggest water industry conference and exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere.

Outerspace is supporting Water Source with their expertise, to bring clean and safe drinking water to the world. Water Source is focused on providing clean drinking water to the world. They want to change the way the world thinks about water.

Their Brolga water filtration system and ELEIot IoT solution, combine to provide an easily accessible innovative water filtration system.

The ground-breaking Brolga filtering and cleaning system, with the ELEIot IoT remote access controller, have been engineered to provide easy, affordable access to clean, safe drinking water at any location in the world.


smart engineering creates access to clean drinking water

As populations grow and temperatures rise around the world, water-stress is increasing the need for clean, safe drinking water in developing countries, communities and some major cities.

Water Source have systems in place in East Timor and Dingee Victoria. Successful trials have also been conducted in Gorthleck, Scotland.


a multi-layered enterprise-grade IoT platform

Water Source’s multi-layered enterprise-grade IoT Platform, ELEIoT, provides data and analytics to make informed decisions and recommend actions, remotely.

Our engineering and design team work closely with Water Source to help bring ELEIoT to life.

ELEIot is a reusable technology stack, licenced to companies wanting to leapfrog the technical development required for IoT project deployment, to achieve positive results faster.


a multi-stage water filtering and cleaning system

Brolga is a multi-stage system that removes bacteria through micro-filtering and ultraviolet, non-chemical disinfection.

Enclosed in a compact cabinet, the unit is easily transportable. It’s plugged directly into mains electricity or 24-volt solar power, with battery backup, in more remote areas.

There is no ongoing requirement for the use of chemicals and additional stages of purification can be added if required. Most monitoring and maintenance of Brolga is done remotely.

One Water Source unit can produce up to 30,000 litres of clean drinking water a day.

Remote monitoring and maintenance ensures a unit is always operating at its peak.


engineering for clean water supports life

Water is essential to life. It helps populations to flourish and prosper. Access to clean drinking water can make or break a community, region or business.

Water Source provides a solution to the global challenge of securing reliable, clean drinking water.

Outerspace is collaborating with them as they align with commercial partners to bring the Water Source vision to life, on the global stage.


We have years of experience in designing products and systems for water.

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