biophony sensor housing system

outerspace designers collaborated with procept to develop a protective housing system for electronic sensors that monitor the health and biodiversity of an environment using high definition acoustics.


3 months

The sensors capture and process audio information emitted from insects and birds in orchards, and transmit data wirelessly to a network gateway. 

We designed a housing system that protects the sensitive electronic equipment and withstands the damaging effects of extremes in weather, ultra violet light, water ingress and insect invasion.

We made it user friendly and easy to install and operate by technicians working in the field.

We developed a cradle design for the system, to make it reliable and easy to mount onto a tree or pole in an orchard or farming property.

We engineered the case for low volume production and detailed the design to accommodate and protect the electronics safely and effectively in the field. 

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Pinakesh De

Senior Industrial Designer

Sebastian Damm

Product Design Engineer

Enzo Kocak

Senior Industrial Designer

Christian Tucker

Industrial Design Manager

Hayley English

Industrial Designer





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