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Leading marketer and distributor of premium appliance brands for the home, IXL had identified that they needed a disruptive new premium hero product for their Cannon home heating brand.

outerspace collaborated with IXL’s New Products and Project Development Manager to develop the Cannon Latitude Powerflue range of in wall fireplaces.


6 months

Cannon has a proud history of manufacturing quality gas heaters. We worked within the numerous constraints a gas-powered fireplace appliance demands and developed the range within strict safety guidelines and regulations, carefully considering the heat and air pathways and installation requirements.

Our designers developed concepts that celebrated the ‘flame’ feature a fireplace and detailed ideas that would fill more of the firebox with fire. We created the idea of a floating ‘plinth’ inside the firebox.  The plinth elevates the flames and creates an exciting focal point.

We designed the layout, proportions, style and detailing for the fireplace range.

We surrounded the in-wall fireplace design with a minimal bezel and created a more ‘widescreen’ format to suit the long, low aesthetic of modern domestic interiors.

Working within Cannon’s manufacturing capabilities and methods, we worked with the IXL marketing team to refine the new range’s aesthetic within the tight technical requirements.

The Cannon Latitude is 1000 and 1500 mm long and has a multi-port burner designed with front and rear channels that delivers an authentic flame pattern and spans across the width of the firebox chamber. The wide viewing window, slim bezel and reflective firebox panel creates a luxury fireplace look and feel.

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