the enduring benefits of design awards

Products developed at outerspace have won countless design awards over many years of product development and consulting. Partnering with our clients, to celebrate a product’s unique offering to the world is valuable on multiple fronts.

Design awards programs that have significant promotional platforms of their own, and ‘traction’ in the market sectors you are targeting, are obviously the best awards to go for. They may cost a bit more to enter, and involve a few valuable hours of preparation, but the effort is worth it.

Awards with global reach and respected international programs are our favourite, and many of our clients have benefited from international awards that support local and global product sales and marketing effort.

The value of having a respected jury of independent (international) experts scrutinising every aspect of your new product across design, engineering, marketing and business in product development is high.

Awards collateral not only includes a stamp of approval and use of an awards logo on your product, it includes quotes from renowned jurors to use in marketing content; inclusion in awards portfolios on award websites; inclusion in live travelling exhibitions; media coverage and exposure.

An internationally recognised design award program with live judging, where a team of jurors, made up of respected industry professionals, is able to touch, feel, operate and experience first-hand how your product works, is the most credible kind of competition to enter.

We’ve seen this in action – first-hand. Members of the outerspace team have been jury members for red dot, IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards – hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America), Good Design (Australia) and Premier’s Design Awards (Victoria, Australia)

In the eyes and minds of consumers, an award logo on a product in a competitive marketplace can make the decision to choose your award winning product over others, a ‘no brainer’. Any product developer or marketer will tell you that having an award stamp on a product is “gold”.

The growing collection of design award trophies that we’ve won in partnership with our clients primarily come from Good Design Australia, Industrial Design Excellence Awards, iF and red dot – product design award programs.

The final bonus you get when your product wins an award, is the celebration of the hard work and challenging journey you take to create a new product and successfully launch it to market. Awards are a celebration of teamwork and achievement, something that’s always worth taking the time to reflect upon.

The EEG monitoring system and amplifier we designed in collaboration with our long standing client Compumedics, has won multiple awards; other awards include, a call centre communication system for Polaris Communications; a range of compact 3D printers we designed for the home or office for Robo3D; Motium’s TUFF Panel PC MPP 1020; a home-security-system for Swann Communications; a bluetooth headset system for BlueAnt; Patron Power’s marine services pedestal range and phone accessory retail packaging system for Sprout.

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